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Re: Lola MK6 GT replica? Feedback required.


A quick update on progress. This may not be the only option going forward, but I today picked up an amazing set of moulds for the Lola - they were the moulds used to recreate the 1963 Le Mans car below, and were produced by a firm in the UK which has developed moulds for some big buck factory race cars - Audi, etc.

If you are wondering why this car required new moulds, then the picture below shows the car as it was in the early 1980s, with the rear end taken off Ford GT40 serial number 105, gull wing doors, etc.

Other developments: Someone mentioned the possibility of a spaceframe chassis. If all goes to plan, I've got access to Ken Attwell's original KVA C Type chassis drawings - with some minor modifications, a spaceframe Lola GT should be very straightforward.

In addition, it's early days, but if anyone wants a KVA GT40 Type C chassis, let me know.


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