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Re: Brake options for Corvette C4 85-87 Hubs

Wilwood does make a rear rotor with hat that is made to fit a corvette. They also make a two piece rotor/hat combo to fit a corvette. These use the corvette e-brake parts and has a drum brake inside the hat just like the corvette.

This way you would be able to run any 7inch diameter X 8 hole rotor bolt pattern. This will allow you to run a lot of different rotors. You could then select a different brand caliper if you don't like wilwoods. If I was doing mine again I would use the forged superlight 3 caliper from wilwood on all four corners and 13" X 1 1/4" up front and 11 3/4" X 1" on the rears.

I left the e brake off my car. Not worth the extra hassel and cost. Also the little spot calipers have been known to slip on sloped driveways. Beware these little go cart calpiers.
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