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Re: Brake options for Corvette C4 85-87 Hubs


""7. Wheel offset change isn't important as I haven't ordered my new wheels yet.""

Concur with John on this point.

""The offset is the thing to watch, as the clearance to the wheel spokes is very tight.""

More specifically the clearance from the outboard side of the caliper to the backside of the wheel center. Technically though this isn't directly related to wheel offset. Typically the Vette stuff has little clearance in this area because they use floating calipers with no outboard pistons.

I compromised with smaller calipers than originally desired (Wilwood's). There's only two ways to gain clearance. Find a wheel which has some offset between the wheel hub face and the wheel center section. Or use a rotor that's offset more to the inboard side. This runs into clearance issues to the upright depending how close it already is with the stock Vette rotor. You could use a spacer at the wheel hub but I don't thing this is DOT legal.
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