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Re: Roush Edition SPF GT40 at Barrett-Jackson

Originally Posted by LOG
From the description on Barret Jackson's website it is not very clear what is special on this car. It's got the ZF transaxls, and a roush engine. Is it a very special engine? Is the car itself different from other SPF Mk2s?
Anybody knows if the engine is a stroker small block or a big block?
It was a small block , or mid block if you like Roush 351 punched and stroked to a 427. It had a look alike FE 427 valve covers by Roush, Weber looking fuel injection snd is claiming 560 HP. The car was very well detailed and looked great. $180.000 a bit much ??..............maybe,........ but the guy has a great car and was able to drive it away that day unlike the rest of us who never seem to know if or when our ride will be finished.
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