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Re: Aerodynamic Data for GT40s

Originally Posted by bchildress

What do you think? Can we make this a worldwide group project?

I hope so. Current data on the downforce with various options will be very useful. Especially above 150MPH. In that event, the data can be trusted and the driver can think about braking, shifting, acceleration and the other cars around them versus whether or not the front end is going to lift. There was a related article in the March issue of Hot Rod. It's called "Wind Camp". Bob Eaker has a business in Mooresville, North Carolina that will wind tunnel test cars. Bob is a former senior project engineer from GM's Advanced Aero Group and was later the aerodynamacist for Hendrick Motorsports. The wind tunnel is powered by four fans that suck the air past the car versus blowing. It costs $345 an hour for the first two hours and $490 an hour after that. Various downforce measurements are taken at points on the car. Wings, dams, and other aerodynamic devices can be added and subtracted for different readings. After testing, a data sheet is provided showing downforce with the car's different configurations. If I was in North Carolina, I would be scheduling my car. I don't want to speculate on what happens at speed. Maybe one of our forum members has an interest in this and can schedule an appointment to see the tunnel or even test their car and share it with us. Bob's website is A2 Wind Tunnel. The article in Hot Rod is very impressive. If you have it, I would recommend reading it.
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