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Introducing New CNC Billet Aluminum Uprights

As we all know the front uprights on the CAV series cars pre 100 production have had some issues. Such as the bolts working loose and lack of adjustment. After one of my uprights broke at the pitman arm I produced a solid billet aluminum one piece replacement for my car. No bolts and fully adjustable. We have machined and pressed stainless steel inserts into the aluminum for the ball joints and adjustment rod for the steering rod. Thanks to John and Jean this has been corrected on cars 100-on.

These are state of the art replacements for cars pre-100 series cars. This design optimizes the adjustability allowing full fine tuning of the bump steer, toe, and camber. The units are CNC machined from aircraft aluminum and so far have used 7071 Billet. We tapped and pressed in precise stainless steel bushings for the top and bottom control arms and for the pitman arm steering ball joint. We switched over the ball joint style tie rod to a full SS hardened heim joint which is included in the set up. The kit also includes brand new replacement IKO (brand) bearings identical to the ones initially installed on the CAV cars. Included in the kit will be both sides of uprights, replacement TKO bearings, pressed SS bushings, 2 heim/ rose joints for the steering rod connection, 2 SS machined bump steer adjusting rods, 2 machined SS 7/8" adjusting rods for toe/ alignment settings, and lock/ jam nuts for on top and bottom of the bump steer adjusting rod. All parts are either high grade aircraft aluminum or machined Stainless Steel.

We have been fine tuning this set up for a while now, it has transformed to front end steering, handling, and fine adjustment of the front end of our cars. This corrects all of the geometry issues including the hard to tune bump steer and toe settings. This is the premier permanent solution to upright bolts coming loose and dropping the front end of the car on the ground, and weak pitman arms.

We are including options for different brake configurations and are working to ensure that there will be no interferences with the 15" replica wheels. Our original design is utilizing the mounting for the stock equipped PBR (corvette) calipers that most of the CAV's came with from the factory. We are looking to ensure that the Wilwood Calipers will be bolt on as well.

These uprights are being sold on an exchange basis for your original hub and 32mm nut holding the spindle to the upright. This is to ensure that the spindle/ hub/ bearing are all installed properly. If you would like you can remove the retaining nut and hub yourself and send just that to us or you can send your whole upright and we will disassemble/ and reassemble your new uprights with your existing hub. If you would like to keep your old uprights return freight will be added into the final cost. We will press in your existing hub and assemble your upright for free excluding shipping.

We are very happy with the way that this project has turned out and are confident that these will be a great solution for CAV owners. These units will be ready for shipment within 4-6 weeks after placement of an order. For any additional information or ordering please call 760-434-8950

Price $1599.00 for one set LEFT AND RIGHT FRONT UPRIGHTS, and all included parts.

Thank you,

Larry Lemelson

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