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Re: Gurney Weslake Head performance

I'm not a GT40 nut, but have an interest in the Gurney-Weslake heads and their down-draught configuration, while googling around I noticed Knight Race engines also do a re-make of this legendary head......looks like they have done a good job to me, see the pics and info in the attached link.......nothing to do with me by the way, I can assure you I'm in no way related!

Knight Racing Services

I would be interested to know what sort of power anyone is are now making on a 305 (5 litre) block fitted with GW heads, last I heard was 520bhp???......which is over 100bhp per litre, which is pretty impressive, even today!.......

please forgive my ignorance, whats the bore and stroke of a 305 block?........also - whats the valve angle of the GW heads?

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