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Weber Carbs for fuel injection?

Ive just aquired a set of 4 x 48 DCOE carbs. I got them rather cheap so thought I might add them to the workshops shelf. But I had this idea.
I have a cross-ram manifold to suit a set of sidedrafts for a V8.
Now instead of rebuilding them and buggering around with jetting and other manner of associated things, I thought I could just add fuel injection to the said engine using the carbys as the throttle bodies only - strip out anything unnecessary in the carbs of course. I would add injector bosses to the intake runners at the right places and hey presto, electronic fuel injection!! There would be the adaption of a throttle position sensor and all other sensors on the engine. Just that with the FI running the engine, I wouldnt have to worry about overrich/lean mixtures within the rev range or other carburation setup problems (except balancing).

What do the peeps think?
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