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Re: Weber Carbs for fuel injection?

Russell, yes I know what you mean, but as I dont want to go out and purchase a huge set of emulsion tubes, jets and other metering devices, so I thought it might be a good way to go. Its not about destroying the carbs, as removing any unnecessary items as Paul said would increase a bit of airflow and the carbs could well be re-assembled as standard if necessary. Its just that electronic metering of the fuel results in optimum performance at all rev ranges - I dont want to lean out and burn a piston at the back straight of Pukekohe, nor gobble fuel and cough and spit around as one runs around town either.
I am considering recasting the manifold with injector bosses. It wouldnt be too difficult to make a 'hidden' injection look with some custom caps over wiring and fuel lines etc.
hmmm hmmm hmmm ...........
As for the projects - they are on hold as I am finishing the renovation of my old house then its up for sale, so my spare time has gone into that. I still need to get in and set up the new workshop - all very well having all this new space, but everything is still 'shelved' on the floor until I work out where stuff is going!
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