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Parts to Build GT40 MKI, roller, Roush, ZF...what else?

Hello All,

I'm still weighing some options on GT40 vs a Kirkham cobra and need some help on what extra's are needed to build a MKI beyond the obvious things:

1 - MKI rolling chassis 70k to 80k
1 - ZF DS-25/2 (preferred) or Quaife QZF (costs?)
1 - Roush GT-40 Motor e.g. 342R Superformance GT-40 (12k to 26k)

What additional parts not included in the above are required to assemble the car? (primary parts not a nuts and bolt break down). Thank you in advance for any input you might have! Secondary question, if I was placing the order soon is there any hope of getting a transaxle in time to be on the road by spring?

Kind Regards,
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