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Re: formula 1 1967 replica cars

Thanks Chris.
They really are a beautiful thing. Before I got into Historic racing I worked 10 years with Nicholson Mclaren Engines, building and developing DFV's. Right through their glory days in Group C and F3000. Loads of engines for the TGP F1 series too. Still my all time favourite. Only a 4 rotor Mazda can make your ears bleed like a F3000 spec DFV at full chat. 500 bhp, ok has been bettered, but all below 9000rpm. No wonder they had a 1000 mile rebuild interval. They were serious bit's of kit. Nice to have one to play with again in the T280


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That DFV is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I can just hear it piercing the Upstate New York air right now. What an incredible piece of machinery.
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