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Re: My VFX Movie Clips

Originally Posted by roclery View Post
Thanks very much, Brian, I appreciate it. I've been out of touch for a while - how are your SLC plans going?

Lecusay, while the idea appeals to me, I'm happy teaching myself the ropes and learning the particular skills I need as an idea for a new clip springs to mind. But the reality is this will always be just a hobby as I couldn't afford the pay cut! To much debt and other expensive projects on the go...

All the best with London, and looking forward to seeing some of your work on the big screen in due course. BTW, what is an OOBE?

I meant out of body experience. There's nothing better than spending time with the kids!

I'm in the home developing field and we know how bad that is so I decided to do something more fun and maybe this is the right time.

The only reason I haven't started my built is because I need to sell the F430 first, it's a really big liability for me now that the car is out of warranty... And I don't feel like driving something that I can't fully enjoy, worrying about the clutch change or if something goes terribly wrong.

Oh well, good luck to all of us.
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