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Re: McLaren M1 replica

Hi Leon,

I'm not one of those intrepid souls like yourself doing a scratch-built car - very much admire what you guys can do.

The chassis was built up to about 85% complete by Autotune in the UK, and they also supplied the suspension, rear uprights, and body panels taken off an original M1C. I got those bits out here in July last year. I've fabricated engine and transaxle mounts, back roll bar stays, rear chassis section, chopped a few things out and added a few things in etc, to get the engine and box right where I want them.

I've got most of the bits together now and most recently built the headers and exhaust system. The rear uprights are Seirra Cosworth peices. I'm yet to see how reliable or durable they are in service with a wide negative offset wheel.

I haven't been very good at logging progress but I'll be popping a bit of update stuff on this thread from time to time.

Cheers, Andrew
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