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Re: Keith Craft builds a nasty engine!

Originally Posted by Cliffbeer2 View Post
BigB, I think you need a bigger engine. Sounds kinda wimpy.
I'll let Keith know he needed more cubes and HP to impress.

Wow the car is looking great! That engine is nasty

Got to talk about meeting up for an event this year now that we have running cars.

Brent if you get some time call me or PM me.

Allen (work 503-408-4160)
Allen, I'm thinking I am going to make it to the Portland historics this year. How do I get tickets for the corral?

Bring it! My SBF will run circles around your tractor engine... Really looking forward to seeing you on the road.
You are probably right, Neal. I'm afraid of what my sweet little 930LSD will/will not take in the way of punishment from 594HP and 607lbs of torque. I too am looking forward to seeing it on the road! A lot of little things to finish up, but I'm getting close!
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