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Re: Medicaid and Texas

Originally Posted by domtoni View Post
My experience comes from the US, Belgian and German private systems, and the UK and Italian NHS. I had only one private UK procedure done, and it was fine.

I owe my left leg to the dedication of a great German surgeon in Cologne in the private but compulsory system, versus the problems I found in the Italian system. If anyone wants to know more about what happened, let me know.

No disrespect but you seem to be basing your statement "I choose a private system any day. The NHS is better now than it was when I moved to the UK in 1994, but its not as good as a private one" on one private UK procedure and no mention of any NHS procedures so hardly the most comprehensive survey on which to base your statement.

Also, unless done by a foreign surgeon, please bear in mind that the procedure could well be performed by the same surgons and nurses and possibly even the same hospital as the NHS use.
Even if it was performed in a private hospital again unless performed by a foreign surgeon, the surgeon and nurses would have been NHS trained as of course private hospitals in the UK as far as I know, do not take or pay for the training of student doctors or nurses
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