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Re: The delights of owning an English sports car.

A P1800S Volvo and 2 E-types were what cured me of the desire to ever own another British sports car. The 2nd Jag was the last to go in '75. My wife to be (at the time) gave me the final ultimatum, when her new hairdo and dress were ruined by a ride in it with the top down, and it happened to be raining at the time. The burgundy dye from the seats seemed to have a real affinity for expensive dress material.

I think one of the aspects of these cars that creates the "love" emotion is their utter simplicity, so you can bond easily with them. There's no mysterious, sterile black boxes.

The hate side is pretty fundamental as well. The electrics, the rust, the ongoing unreliability, etc. All fixable, but all requiring constant attention and resources.

I did find myself thinking the other day that a P1800S would be a great platform for a 4.0 V8 swap......
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