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Hi Alan, I always thought the Halibrands were more associated with MkIIs as they were US manufactured and the six spoke BRMs were GB produced.. These five spokers have "GT40" cast into them, so why would they have been produced for the 68 F3Ls? I am informed there's a photo of Graham Hill standing next to the Ford factory GT40P/1008 wearing those five spoke "FAV" wheels. My BRM six spokers have "VM" embossed on them, which I'm reliably informed means they are period rims. Changing the subject slightly, I may have found a new/old stock windscreen date coded 1967.. how cool is that.. although if it's a scam.. I'll see right through it!!! Finally, thanks to the car's historian, John Christian from the GT40 Enthusiasts Club, he's found another photograph of the car, racing at the Nurbergring in the 1000 km in 1968 with Granvill-Smith and Raeburn competing.. Andrew
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