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Whereas the BRM rims are magnesium and have had to be crack tested, the FAV wheels are alluminium and will be fine, despite their age.
Jimmy- nice to hear you're still enjoying the thread, as much as I am collecting the parts. I continue to receive photographs of 1001, this one being a colour shot from its earlier days when still in the Essex Wyer scheme. I know the picture is Brands Hatch, the Eagle Trophy race on 29th August 1966, driven by Alan Rees. I am reliably informed this might be the Brands scrutineering bay, but not certain. This would have been just over two months since its debut at the June 1966 Le Mans, when driven by Jacky Ickx. I've also learned that at Le Mans, the car raced for over ten hours, before going out with engine failure while lying 7th overall. I hope you can shed some more light on the attached photo... best wishes.. Andrew
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