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Re: Gurney Weslake Head performance

Originally Posted by kazoom View Post
Hi, an interesting note is Gurney and Weslake did make multi 3-4 valve pushrod heads for the sbf+sbc engines that made some very good power #'s.

I have heard but not been able to confirm Weslake did make a test 4v sbf pushrod version baised off there sbc design also. Many dont know it but the 32 valve Dominion and Arao version heads are modeled after the old weslake design, just with there own take on using stock type int and exh setups.
Did the engine in picture 5 have a name/designation. I know it appears to be a 3 valve per cylinder pushrod engine with reverse flow heads. Any ideas where there is more info on this engine and its vintage(I assume 1969-71)? Just curious as it appears to be an interesting variant.
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