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Re: Gurney Weslake Head performance

Pic #5 is the 3 valve as tested by Gurney in race car, center exhaust/outer inlets was how they were built, mid 1969 saw the first heads finished.
Running pump gas & those slide injectors @ 344 cubic inch ( 4.110 bore x 3.25" stroke) made 606hp @ 8500 RPM, I am not aware if they were ever built in passenger car configuration with intake in center as that would require a major rethink.

Just goes to show there is nothing new in the world, the 3.250" stroke & big bore combo was in vogue back then, took the aftermart nearly 25 years to wake up..

The bore centers of the SBC & SBF are so close at 4.380" vs 4.400" that its not surprising that they both were candidates for the 4v head swaps... Bob Jane in OZ funded the conversion of his SBC Chev Monza Trans Am car to have Boss 302 heads adapted back in the 70's.
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