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Re: Gurney Weslake Head performance

I helped a local gt40 member obtain a set of these a few years ago, but it will be a while before they see action yet I think.

What I would like to see someone do is take the Yates valve, chamber, port configuration & transplant it into the windsor envelope... It can be done by increasing the depth of the windsor head ( from block face to rocker cover rail- widening from original intake face toward the valley ). The Yates intake port area is very similar to the larger Victor type inlet manifolds for windsors etc so with some simple alloy end gap spacers these intakes could be used, the exh would still be windsor style using the yates dimensions to the point where it meets the windsor port face. Because the Yates uses closer valve angles a set of dedicated rocker covers might be reqd, but really thats the major parts reqd. Then you would have Nascar power potential in any windsor configuration.
Sooo, whats needed:
Hardware for a pair of Yates heads- valves- springs-rockers- rocker covers.
Pushrods to suit- rev kit if reqd.
Front & rear valley spacers.
Windsor manifold of choice to match block being used- 8.200,8.700,9.200,9.500.
Two very special windsor heads!
Someone clever enough to assemble it.

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