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Re: Full CAD Model- 5.0 Coyote Engine

Originally Posted by cribbj View Post
Dylan, I don't know how I missed this when you posted over a year ago; this is just super. It sounds like Ford Racing are a great bunch of people who are willing to help out the little guys out here, not just the big teams with the deep pockets. Thanks so much for doing this research, and more importantly, sharing it!
Ford Motorsports is great when it comes to help. Just call them up and they will be straight with you.

For example, I called them up this morning about the new 5.0 asking if the new technology (they are doing things like larger intake valves and different timing that even the Boss and Aluminator XS don't have) was going to be put into the Aluminator XS. His answer was that it was not planned for yet as a 2015 version but when it did it would mean the old PCM I have would no longer work so if I were to wait (can't wait that long) then I'd have to get a new PCM as well.

A bit later I called back asking about headers for that engine and got someone to tell me not only sizes but the actual set they ended up with using on the dynos. This was all after a 5 to 10 second most...for each call.
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