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Smile Re: Dwight's RCR GT 40

I have the recovery and expansion tank but did not install them at this time.
I did install two heater hoses from the intake / water pump to the heater. The heater should work as designed. Intake pushing water to the heater and the water pump sucking water back into the motor.

I will install the recovery tank toward the rear of the car, near the transmission. That should take care of overflow and when cooled return it to the system.

Is the expansion tank for removing air from the system?

I know a GT40 cooling system hoses are 9 feet longer than my Cobra but it should work the same.

For those that drive their GT40s a lot, how is your plumbed?

I'm trying to keep is simple.

One day I would like to drive my 40 to St Lewis and buy Chuck lunch. (without calling a tow truck)

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