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Re: Dwight's RCR GT 40

I don't know about you guys, but I don't like to bend over that much. Here is how I did it early on in the build. I built a support table that was 3-4" shy of the frame rails laterally, and 3/4 the length of the frame rails. I put it at 2-3ft up(dismantled it when done). I used the engine hoist to raise the front end up and work the table underneath. The bottom 2x4s were mounted off the floor so the hoist could slide under. I added wheels to one end and a hand truck(with a 2x4 to take up the space) to raise the other end for moving around the shop. This was done without the drive train in the car. For that the car came off the table. Just 2x4 construction with some plywood bracing or 2x4 cross bracing. Used 6x6 for the corners and made shelves or inserts or Rabbet cuts for the 2x4s to rest in/on and screwed them to the 6x6. Just left over stuff from a deck project. Allowed me to reach all that I needed without having to bend over so far. 0$, just left over stuff.

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