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Audi 016 FWD 5 speed trans

I have a 016 trans I brought as a spare in case the 012 gave up the ghost in the back of the F5000 but it never did, and car has now been sold I no longer need this one.
details its coded 3V, so it has the following ratios,
1st= 3.60, 2nd=2.13, 3rd=1.46, 4th=1.07, 5th=0.83, with a 3.89 final drive. so its 2400 rpm @ 100kph in top gear .
also have the strengthening plate for it but haven't got around to fitting it as yet, and I have made and fitted a RH rod change shifter linkage.

also have one of Chris's [Flatchat] billet alloy adapter plate kits to mount to an LS engine, with billet flywheel and H/D clutch kit to go with it if needed

make me an offer I cant refuse on the trans,
but the BNC adaptor kit owes me $3000 AUD.

cheers John
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