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Re: headlites-for-cav

This is a timely posting!! I just switched to LED lights in my CAV. They managed to fit inside the existing inside lining and plugged straight into the current wiring. The only thing extra I needed was some little plastic conversion adapter rings to convert from P45T to P43T fittings (that took a little bit of searching to find what I needed!).

The difference (forgive the pun), is night and day! I very nearly hit a wild black pig. This prompted me to look into the change. 70mph and ~70ft before seeing a wild pig gives very very little time to react.

Anyway, the change was very simple, very effective and cost less than $100. I am going to dig out the links for people and a couple of pictures, although the pictures really don't do the change justice.

Another really nice side note is that the current draw is less. I also have LED bulbs on order for the back. They should be here next week.
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