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Re: Where it all started

You seem to have misinterpreted what I said. I did not say or imply that a Lola car of any type would have been more successful. What I said was that Ford's decision to build the GT40 chassis out of steel was because they wanted it also to be a road car. This may have been good from the point of manufacturing as they obviously had a lot of expertise in that technology but making a race car heavier is anathema. I was not referring to the road cars at all.
It is fairly well proven point (by Colin Chapman and a myriad of others) that the lighter a race car the faster it accelerates, brakes and corners and the loads on all the components are less leading to better reliability.
Ford had the vast resources to pour into making the cars successful even to the fitting of 7 litre engines. Lola could never compete with that amount of finance which is why I did NOT say or imply that a Lola car could having given more success - your words not mine.
However to return to my point which is this...
Density of Steel is about 8,000 Kg per cubic metre
Density pf Aluminium is about 2,700 Kg per cubic metre
A light car will always be faster than a heavier car of equivalent spec.
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