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Re: P1109, horror!!

Originally Posted by Larry L. View Post
My own answer (as if anyone cares- or should) to the question of whether an object that's had all of its component parts replaced remains fundamentally the same object or not is: "No". At that point, how could it be anything other than an exact reproduction?

A 'sort of' case in point is for sale here in the U.S....a 1966 RO51 A990 Hemi "lightweight" whose entire unibody has been replaced. Additionally, it's hard to tell from the way the sales blurb is written whether or not any-or-all of the car's components referred to as being "era-correct", "period correct" or "factory correct" are simply that, OR are the original components on the car when it left the factory. IOW, what are the odds that, say, the drivetrain components on a car bought for sanctioned drag racing wouldn't have been 'grenaded' and replaced at least once if not multiple times? (My guess is the car's suspension parts, lightweight door hinges and the like could be the ones actually on the car when it left the factory...but...?)

Additionally, from the way the ad is written, it appears as though the factory race headers on the car today weren't on the "original" car, but were bought 'after-the-fact' since the ad states, "...the super rare factory headers that cost the restorer 5-figures ..."

'Many questions...

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...that should have been "...a 1965..."
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