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Re: More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

I suspect Hawking has now officially gone completely off the deep end. Seriously. Either that or he's been paid a TON by Soros or others on the faaar left for authoring this anti-Trump/pro-climate change agenda-pushing claptrap. Perhaps both...:

Stephen Hawking Says Trump'''s Withdrawal From the Paris Accord Could '''Push the Earth Over the Brink'''

This alone should confirm my suspicion:

"Hawking, 75, was also pessimistic about the survival of the human race on Earth. “I fear evolution has inbuilt greed and aggression to the human genome. There is no sign of conflict lessening, and the development of militarized technology and weapons of mass destruction could make that disastrous,” he said. “The best hope for the survival of the human race might be independent colonies in space.”"
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