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Re: Stainless mig welding a custom exhaust system

I usually won't try to tell people what to do but I will tell you this Cliff: GET A TIG!

I had very little experience with what I will call "precision welding" but managed to make my own stainless hard pipes for the cooling system and enjoy it. Stainless seems to hold its heat well and you can control what gets hot with controlling your arc. You seem like a fairly motivated and bright guy, I presume you will understand the benefits of the investment. Let me just say that once you try it and figure it out, you'll love it.

Read up on stainless too. You'll want to purge it on the inside in addition to the gas going to the torch.

If you're feeling particularly saucy, get an AC/DC TIG and also put welding aluminum in your bag of tricks. Stainless is way easier...

Chris K
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