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Re: where to buy a body gt40 at a low price?

Originally Posted by Nick Brough View Post

Do you intend buying everything from one manufacturer or mixing and matching products from different manufacturers. chassis from one, body from another, suspension from another etc.
I would like to order everything from one manufacturer, so it would be easier and better.
The body may not approach frame and need be modified chassis.

Right now, only Andy of the tornado and GT-forte offers everything I need.

The truth i'm afraid to order in Gt-Forte, after reading this topic:

Kimson, SLOW DOWN - take advice, do not jump in with your enthusiasm, it will cost you a lot of money and disappointment in the long run. Talk to the guys who have done these projects, not just the guys selling them ! There are a lot of good people on this site with a lot of experience, both of building the cars and of the suppliers.
I thought about buying 3 years ago, just before the crisis in Ukraine.

Unfortunately due to the devaluation, I had to postpone this idea, and now three years later I returned to it.

I try to approach logically, right now I calculate all cost.

Yeah, 3 years ago I did not think that 8000 pounds for start kit would seem like a big sum
p.s. Sorry for my bad english =(
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