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Re: where to buy a body gt40 at a low price?

I recently ran in to Bill Hough at a car show. He's now working for himself making bodies for GT40s (and Lolas). His business is called "William Hough Composites"

composites created by datonabill
Bill Hough, founder and owner, is a specialist in composite kit car and race car body design and fabrication. Bill has a wealth of experience in the component kit and replica car industry for over 30 years and has worked on master plug and mold development in association with many kit car companies including FACTORY FIVE RACING (Cobra, Daytona Coupe), RCR (GT40, Lola T70), DRAGON MOTORSPORTS (Dragon Roadster), and others. Bill has contributed to many custom projects from one-off modifications to full scale bodies.
Tel: +1 (781) 659 1404
Email: [email protected]

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