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Re: Classic & Sportscar Show NEC Birmingham 10-12 November

Originally Posted by Mark Boyers View Post
There was however one a very sad end to the experience and that is that I now know there is not as much hair on the top of my head as there used to be , a situation that I had not realised and my closest loved ones had omitted to tell me but by all accounts was common knowledge ,,b±§tard,,
Mark - that's just the exhibition spotlights causing a halo effect....I'm sure you still have a fine head of hair!

Originally Posted by Mark Boyers View Post
Eddy the car is moving On now so pop in if you are passing ,I think it would be invaluable ,before we start to cover things up ,there is a lot to get you’re head around and you will find it much easier once you’re had a look

U you soon mark and sam
You're a gent....Matthew and I will pop down and see you soon (with a digital camera so that we can steal all your hard work). I'll be in touch.
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