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Re: CAV Wide Body No. 104 Lemans Blue

The car is still for sale. Long distance tire kickers so far. Hemmings isn't the best site for these kinds of cars. Oh well I'm in no hurry. My minor maintenance has been a new clutch and slave cylinder. The real "project" was replacing the CAV rubber fuel bladder on the passenger side. I went ahead and had both passenger and driver side cells custom made by Fuelsafe in Oregon. Shipped them the "Buck Rogers Aviation" (yup that's the name) originals and was very pleased with the result. Still some flex in them (they're a thick bone-colored plastic/polymer of some kind) but much sturdier and long-term reliable. They also provided a set of CAD drawings. An interesting tidbit is the original owner of this car....a Pennsylvania doctor that developed his own "supercar" and then went to prison for tax evasion. You may recognize "his" car as basically a Factory Five GTM.
Google: David Alan GT Malan.
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