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GT40 Tech - Fueling, Electrics, & Engine Cooling Petrol, Electrons, & Water

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Re: Strange Gas leak - KVA

We have these fuel hose isseus for years now in Holland. We mostly got old stock from the automotive store with sometimes a year of manufacture 10 years ago!!

I can assure you these wont hold 1/2 a year with those modern blended fuels.

Fuelhose rated SAE J30R9 or higher is suitable for modern blended fuels.
Cohline 2134 is also suitable for modern E10 fuels. (I am a distributor for Cohline in Holland)

Dont forget, modern fuels are atacking the whole fuel system. Foam filled fuelcells where the foam dissolves and clogs up the whole fuel system. I already seen this happening several times in Holland. Most foam blocks for DIY are not suitable for modern blended fuels..
When I asked SouthernGT about their foam used and compatebilety with modern blended fuels it got quiet........(its E5 minimum all over Europe and E10 most countries allready)

Bladder tank issues we all know of.

Carbs get eaten by corrosion from inside out so much that even the pressed in copper fuel pipes just fall out (had two classic Fords doing so on a classic Ford event last weekend).

So its not only just proper fuel hose, but also a fuel suplement (ethanol killer) at each fill up.

In Europe the best available is Ethomix from Frost.
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