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Posted By bobo 20th August 2010 10:28 AM Not Available
General Photos 498
Posted By bobo 20th August 2010 10:27 AM Jag V12 for mid engine car
General Photos 514
Posted By dchardon 18th August 2010 02:04 PM This car was built with a GT-40 Kit Car back in 1969. It ha...
Original, Reproduction, and Replica Parts 812
Posted By VJImages 24th July 2010 08:10 AM Image taken on Friday morning at Spa-Francorchamps.
General Photos 767
Posted By evmania 24th July 2010 12:06 AM The car is currently powered by 12 -12 Volt Hawker Odyssey A...
GT40 Photos - Real or Replica 1159

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