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    Tires for 15”x14” rim??

    If you have crash ... your Insurance Company will walk away from you if you run non-DOT Tires ... could cost allot $'s
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    Tires for 15”x14” rim??

    I have 15" * 14" Rears also; I have somewhat reluctantly accepted that I will fit Mickey Thompson Sportsman 29*18.00R15 A very high profile tire ... but I am not aware of any other tire except maybe (Hoosier) that do a DOT approved radial for 15" diameter and 14" wide
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    Mating an O1E Transaxle with a 302SBF

    In regards to the Audi 01E Transaxle; its input shaft is above the output drive shafts, so it must push the whole engine / transaxle up high to avoid excessive driveshaft angularity. The Porsche G50 is the same as the Audi in standard form; however, as the Porsche G50 transaxle is inverted for...
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    I need a transaxle

    Hi Urban ... Is the G50 and Adaptor For Sale ? If so, can you provide photos and Cost ... Thanks
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    Power & Tires

    Hi Rick ... No; I do not believe the Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R has a LT (Light Truck) Rating ... they do have other tires that certainly do, but not the Sportsman S/R. My personal opinion is that it is an older technology (Speed Rating = H is a clue) Radial Show Car (Hot-Rod) Tire. Which is...
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    Power & Tires

    The Pirelli P Zero is a much better tire than the Mickey Thompson; but requires 12"-13" wide rim and 19" diameter. Not much good if running 14" wide and 15" diameter rears.
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    Power & Tires

    Anyone got experience with these ?
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    Power & Tires

    Yes Jason, the Avon CR6ZZ is a road legal tire, but maximum width is 295/50R15 - which is pretty skinny for the back end of a wide body Mk1. Avon do a 15" 'Historic all Weather' in a 13.0/25.0-15 which is meant for a 14" wide rear wheel; but they are not road legal. The Mickey Thompson tires...
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    Tyre options

    Check out :- Mickey Thompson Sportsman Tires
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    Power & Tires

    Anyone got feedback on Mickey Thompson Sportsman 19*18.00R15LT (Rear) and 28*12.00R15LT (Front) ... I mention because the Mickey Thompsons are road legal; whereas the Avons are a 'For Racing Use only'. Speed Rating is rather poor "H" (210kmh/130mph) The best (widest + performance) are possibly...
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    Hi Benjamin ... Firstly, thanks for all the YouTube videos - really helpful!; I too am building a GT40 and have acquired an Audi 012 Transaxle. The transaxle in your pictures looks very much like an Audi 012 (= Porsche 968) from the Audi A4 4*cylinder range ? ... If so, you (not Audi) must have...
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    Sandy's GT Forte build

    Hi Sandy ... Nice work ... I am building similar with 302 Windsor, can you tell me where you sourced your cool looking Headers ? ... Thanks
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    Hi Andy .... So what tire / rim widths do BF Goodrich get too ? ... I am thinking rears for my GT40 ...
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    Power & Tires

    Hi Randy ... Thanks for comments ... I would expect equivalent rules to those you described (DOT Approved) would apply in Australia. Your comments regarding running slicks are also my experience.
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    Power & Tires

    Hi ... A good question, because the 15" Historic All Weather Tires are available for Rim Widths up to 16". I have 15" Diameter * 14" Wide Rear Wheels (5.30/15.00-15 Dunlop Racing Tires on my build - but cannot use on the street. Does anyone know if the Avon Historic All Weather would be street...