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    Based on the pictures you have posted I am guessing t you will spend a lot more money to turn this unit into a decent looking, road worthy unit than you could ever get from a sale.
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    GT40 replica prices

    Why not?
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to Ray, the GTD 40 Godfather .
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    GTD chassis/vin plate

    Here is a repost of the picture of the GTD plate for those who might be looking for one.
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    Mirror Pics wanted

    Best thing I ever did was add electric Chrysler Cross fire mirrors to the lower corner of the side windows. The rear and side vision was so improved I did not get nervous when driving in traffic for fear that I would miss seeing the surrounding traffic.
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    Mirror Pics wanted

    Best addition ever was the installation of electric mirrors from a Chrysler Cross Fire. I installed them on the front lower corner of the window and good set them to have great rear and side vision viewing. I have since sold the car so can't show you pictures.
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    Braided Hoses Throughout!!

    The key, I believe, is what type of braided line you use. Hard but bendable Teflon in a braided cover equal solid not spongey. Typical rubber flexeble braided line probably equals spongey.
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    GTD40 Fuel Sender

    Open the rear clam shell. There should be a square cover plate on each side on the flat section below the water fill bottle and the fuel pumps.
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    Removing GTD Front Lower Wishbone Advice

    You should find the bolts when you remove the water pipe cover in the footwell and the small cover in the opposite footwell. Attached is a frame drawing with the gladding removed. I hope this will help you.
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    Turn signal switch

    If you are happy with the flip switch (that's what I used for years on my GTD)use Lucas 31743. It is the same type of switch they used for the left/off/right fuel pump switch control
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    Need 6 drive pins and a brake rotor hat

    As long as you have a good drive pin for a sample you should be able to get them from ARP_the quality bolt people.
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    GTD VIN/build plate

    The GTD chassis plates were 4" x 1 1/4" x 1/16" thick. Lynn miner, on this forum, once supplied this and various other types of vin/chassis plates. He posted a reference for checking on this forum under "Repo Vin Plates" See attachment. The later versions had GTD40 printed in the blank space and...
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    Tony the GTD chassis plates (the black style) were 4" x ! 1/4" x 1/16" thick. Lynn Miner ,on...

    Tony the GTD chassis plates (the black style) were 4" x ! 1/4" x 1/16" thick. Lynn Miner ,on this forum was able to supply them and various other styles for about $20 plus postage. Check under "Repo Vin Plate" and see what you can find.