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    Classic Le Mans 2020.

    With the 24 Hours now postponed until September, will the Classic be in October?
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    P1049 The first Gulf Car

    It’s easy to ask the owners: The REVS institute is set up specifically to share knowledge about cars generally. They will undoubtedly be more than happy to share info about a car they actually own....
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    CHASSIS 1051

    Sears Point is, by far, the most challenging road course in the USA. Every corner is late apex, many are off camber, some are blind. It’s safer than it used to be but they made the front straight much more dangerous and narrow for some odd reason. Notice how Alex is short-shifting...
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    Ford v. Ferrari trailer

    Yes they are RCR. Apparently for simplicity and ease of maintenance (which is to say, no maintenance) they are powered by Chevy LS engines, not Fords. A friend in France is hoping to buy one of the standard-spec cars, as they are worth substantially less than a GT40 powered by a proper Ford...
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    Ford v. Ferrari trailer

    Somewhere somebody posted pics of the RCR GT40 camera cars with their dramatically extended wheelbase, but for the life of me I can’t find it. Can somebody give direction to that post please? Thanks!
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    ZF Transaxle -- Final Drive Ratio

    Remember that in the ZF both 4th and 5th are overdrive, normally .84 and .705. So “4.22” gearbox final drove doesn’t really behave like a traditional car with such a low (numerically high) rear end ratio. With 15-inch wheels and 295/50 tires, you will turn about 3000 rpm at 70 mph. That’s...
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    Brake pads again!

    FWIW Wilwood has a great brake torque/temperature graph available for each of their pad compounds. In my Pantera I wanted a single pad that would be suitable for street use, yet effective at the kind of moderate-to-severe track day use I would give it. In the end I settled on the BP-20 due to...
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    This is a fantastic thread, and I love D-types almost as much as GT40s. But since it’s an RCR car, why not put it in the dedicated RCR forum, along with the other oh-so-cool products Fran makes?
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    I think oil temp sender is usually in the oil pan. Pressure sensor can be on the left front of the block, next to the oil filter. Some Ford Engines have provisions for locating the sender at the top of the block at the rear, behind the intake, but I don’t know if Windsors allow that.
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    ZF Fitting

    That’s just a plastic plug to fill the hole, I think. I suspect (but don’t know for a fact) that the hole is a pipe thread, same as the one used for the side filler, and the drain plug? The original GT 40/Mangusta vent fitting thing is a rather tall,elaborate-looking affair. I don’t know if...
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    ZF Transaxle wanted

    Uh...both of you guys seem a bit lost. Peter—Michael isn’t offering to sell you one from Texas. He is wanting to BUY the one in Belgium, but is asking here about it for some reason, instead of asking the seller (who is not a member here). Import costs from Belgium to the UK would be minimal...
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    ZF Transaxle wanted

    Peter, It’s a small world. The ZF on Leboncoin is actually being sold by a good friend of ours, Patrick Hals (in Belgium). He bought it from another good friend, Forest Goodhart who was the president of the Pantera Club of Northern California. He got it from yet another good friend, Larry Stock...
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    ZF Transaxle wanted

    I (and Julian above) have a friend in Paris who has three Panteras and works on others for his friends. He just bought a ZF from Kirby Schrader in Houston (who is also a SPF owner and lurker here) and will be swapping it out this weekend on his friend’s car. I think he was planning on rebuilding...
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    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    Interesting reading: