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    I would suggest reading "Go Like Hell" as it was the source of the film script. Also Leo Levine's "Dust to Glory", and then watch The 24 Hour War on amazon prime. jim p
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    Was there ever a Sunoco GT40?

    That photo is of the later iteration, this is as raced at 1967 Daytona 24 hrs. jim p
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    Was there ever a Sunoco GT40?

    Grady Davis MK-I = P1049 1967 Daytona 24 hrs, Sebring 12 Hrs. Rrgards jim p
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    Ford v. Ferrari trailer

    I purchased a DVD version on Amazon. regards, jim p
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    Claude nahum

    After chatting to some retired Ford engine engineers, the 255 as mentioned was designed to live ( operate at designed conditions ) at a narrow RPM range at Indy. The RPM's don't vary greatly as it's 2 long & 2 short straights connected to constant speed corners. Sport cars have wildly varying...
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    Ford v. Ferrari trailer

    Last year I visited RCR as it's a short distance from work. Chatting with Fran he mentioned the cars they were finishing for the film production company and they built a 250 GTO replica on a Datsun 240 chassis, it's in the camera shot for 3 seconds. There was also a MK-I there that was used in...
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    Ford vs. Ferrari--New Official Trailer

    The script as I understand is not about the car but about the personalities, primarily Ken Miles & Carroll Shelby. The supporting personalities are Lee Iaccoca, HF-II, il Commendatore Enzo Ferrari. As it's a hollywood film not a automotive documentary, I expect quite a bit of artistic /...
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    mk4 for sale in Belgium

    J2 was a J car not a MK-IV. It was "broken in two" by the Miles crash, remains stored at Holman & Moody for Ford, possession of the remains transferred to H&M by Ford @ 1971, reported to have been scrapped The current car using "J2" was not built by Kar Kraft therefor not part of any of the KK...
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    Score Card: MK-II 1 Le Mans win MK-IV 1 Le Mans win JWA-Gulf MK-I 2 Le Mans wins regards, jim p
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    Walther GT40? GT40 P1005

    I would think what was retrived from the ground would look like the attached photos? jim p
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    Another of the Greats Gone - RIP Dan Gurney

    A 2nd tribute to Dan was at the Detroit North American International Auto Show; Raj Nair, President of Ford North America and the man who spearheaded the GT project and Ford's return to Le Mans, today placed a Gurney tribute on the flanks of the Ford GT gracing the automaker's stand at the...
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    Another of the Greats Gone - RIP Dan Gurney

    I posted some of this over on the SAACForum, however this is not the same audience, but if it’s repetitive my apologies! Stopped by The Henry Ford Museum just about the same time the Rolex 24 Hrs at Daytona was starting and was a bit surprised to see 2 things; A car that had not reached the...
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    Lola GT MK6 Early Photos

    Other than the couple of photos from the introduction at the Racing Car Show, these photos from Silverstone Trophy race May 11th are the earliest photos prior to running Le Mans. I was interesting to see the original configuration. Photos courtesy of Revs Institute® Archives, George Phillips...
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    1964 Le Mans GT/104 fire photos

    Yes d%mn it ! nice catch
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    1964 Le Mans GT/104 fire photos

    " you'll end with fantastic pics, among others, some fascinating details of GT 101 under assembly..." Pierre-Louis, Yes the photos of GT/101 assembly is very interesting, detail of the interior and engine compartment. I also noted you can see some Lotus GT MK-6 components stored upstairs in...