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    SL-C Superlite Coupe/LEMANS LS3/G96.01 for sale

    Wow, interchangeable bodies is a super impressive option! Very, very cool!!!
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    Widebody RCR40

    Hi Adam, I'd recommend contacting Brent Lykins from Lykins Motorsports, LLC He has built magazine feature engines, but mor importantly he spends a lot of time talking his customers through the options available. In conversations on the Cobra forum, it's fascinating to learn from his knowledge...
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    What modifications needed for a Diesel or an LNG-fueled SL-C?

    The only performance diesel engines that I've seen locally are the big and bulky Duramax engines. These are obviously too chunky for a sports car application, but the amount of torque they produce is almost hard to fathom. Without spending much money, these are making 600+rwhp and over...
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    SLC stolen/recovered. Owner charged with insurance fraud

    Ouch! Sports car found after being reported stolen - South Australia Police News
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    GT40 to be honoured at 2013 Goodwood Revival

    In case anyone has the same issue with the website not accepting your overseas post code, the way I got around it last year (because Dad and I couldn't possibly miss a full field of Cobras!) was to set up your account on the website by using an English post code. After the account is created...
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    Gurney Eagle Small-Block Ford Conversion Kit - NOS

    Great detective work Brian!
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    Goodwood Revival 2012

    A couple of weeks after Goodwood, I stumbled across the MkIII being photographed for an upcoming Octane cover feature. Here is the owner, restorer, journo and photographer. MkIII GT40 I must admit that I didn't know much about the MkIII cars, so the details such as the hinged front "bonnet"...
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    Hi, From Australia

    Hi Tristan. Nice old Fairmont! I have owned my XY Fairmont for 24 years now. It was my first car and I fitted a 351 Clevo just in time for me to get my license. It has a 460 in it now :) There's a mountain of information to work your way through on this site. Put aside hours and hours for...
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    Driving impression - difference between RF1 and RF2?

    Thanks Paul, Tim and Andrew - I appreciate the information.
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    Driving impression - difference between RF1 and RF2?

    Hi, I've done some online searches and haven't come up with a clear picture about what was re-engineered from the old RF to the new RF, other than replacing the cast front uprights with newly manufactured ones. Is there much of a change to the feel of the car (and do those with earlier cars...
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    Albins 6 speed sequential

    After seeing the monster SL-C that RCR Australia are building, I wonder if anyone else is investigating the possibility of using the Albins 6 speed sequential trans. I just found one for sale for $15K AUD. I'm not connected to the sale. If you look at the bottom of the Ebay advert (in the...
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    Current State of GT40 Market

    Is it fair to say that the interior hasn't been finished to the same standard as many (most) other GT40s, or is it just a bad photo in difficult lighting conditions? I'd be surprised if the interior didn't match the standard of the rest of the car, but I'm only going by the photo...
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    RCR's new car..962

    Perry's video is pretty wild, but I don't think that particular video highlights torque. Look at the rpm when he hits the gas - it's up pretty high already. Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if it's making nearly 600lb/ft by 3000rpm on an engine dyno.
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    Current State of GT40 Market

    I'm astounded that this car has been on Ebay at $40K starting price for nearly a week without a single bid, and the Buy It Now price is only $60K. Seems like a great deal for a new car that looks fabulous on the outside and in the engine compartment. The interior isn't it's strong point, but...
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    RCR SLC for sale (abandoned on the sidewalk???) definitely won't be burning any fossil fuel while it's sitting on the sidewalk like that :)