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    Stupid is as stupid does

    And yes it was stupid to shoot a watermelon off someone's head.
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    Stupid is as stupid does

    Nothing was planted in the watermelon. A 50 caliber sniper round muzzle velocity is 2800 feet per second, muzzle energy is 11,500 foot pounds. That's 1 3/4 Cadillacs traveling at 1/2 mile a second concentrated into a 1/2 inch projectile. It's devastating.
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    Well that went directly over your head!
  4. A Paddock GUNS thread

    Rod, If you are an independent, you must wear a 1" lift in your left shoe.
  5. A Paddock GUNS thread

    Most of the anti gun people on this site don't have any knowledge of calibers, ballistics, etc. The very fact that a sub-sonic 22 short round is the favored round of assassins makes all this big, powerful gun talk ridiculous. People think because a rifle looks like an assault rifle, it is. There...
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    My views on the VALUE OF LIFE and GUN... - Governor Matt Bevin
  7. A Paddock Politics Thread

    Why so confrontational? It's a discussion, I'm not a lawyer. Why don't I ask you some high voltage transmission or distribution questions? Everything has to be a "look how smart I am answer."
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    Lawyer client????????????? privilege information????????? Sounds like someone from law broke the law.
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    1,200 illegal Central American migrants march towards the US | Daily Mail Online And they will be released for a deportation court date in 2 years and never show up.
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    There are some seriously stupid people in CA New California Law Reduces Penalty for Knowingly Exposing Someone to HIV
  11. A Paddock Politics Thread

    California is going to continue unfunded liabilities (ridiculous state and city retirement plans etc.) and go sliding into the Pacific with bankruptcy and expect to be bailed out. The tax burden is going to get worse and very few will be able to afford it. Too bad, CA is a beautiful state.
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    Californians fed up with housing costs and taxes are fleeing state CNBC article today about the blue promise land.
  13. A Paddock Politics Thread

    Where the hell is Nurse Ratched when you need her?
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    The Japanese actually won the war in the Pacific, but lets us say we did because it was a harvest moon on September 2, 1945 and the lower revolving spindle pin on crotch fastener got stuck. And that is a fact! Oh my, we were fighting a war in two places at once, and Japan is close to Russia, did...