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    Formula Junior..Volopini replica

    Russell. The fleet is growing nicely..
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    McLaren M20#73

    Leon.. Thanks for the info, let me know how your screen turns out. The Rear suspension tower is finished. I added a latice tube arrangement that’s a little different than original but should be solid. An additional support bar was fabricated from the bell housing base to the engine to stop any...
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    M20 Dreaming

    Gonna look great when she’s all done.. Have you got any detail shots of the the front and rear clip supports. Time to devise a plan for my one.
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    907/8 First serious outing

    What a stunning car Michel. Charade has some history with 4 French GP’s + Moto GP’s.
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    McLaren M20#73

    I've been building for 2 years now... the goal is to be running late summer which I consider doable.. a lot of stars will have to align. Work continues on the rear suspension tower, and will require another couple of days to complete. Its the first time both rear rims have been mounted(15"x18"...
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    McLaren M20#73

    Will do..
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    McLaren M20#73

    The rear suspension bottom bracket is now installed, added the extra side brackets which should be more than strong enough. The main forces involved will be pushing and pulling on the bottom lateral links. Made a start on the top suspension tower. This has presented a few challenges. Dart don’t...
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    McLaren M20#73

    Made a start on the rear suspension bottom bracket. There’s about 25 hours in it so far. Constructed out of 5mm 4130 with a couple of 2.5mm filler plates. Had to have a couple of folds done on a press brake and fabbed the rest, then tigged it all. There’s a couple of 1/2” bolts to the...
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    McLaren M20#73

    Right side rear engine stay completed. The engine and chassis tub are now one... Next, onto the rear Lower suspension bracket and Upper suspension Tower.
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    McLaren M20#73

    Completed the left rear engine stay. Making the right side now.
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    M6B Tragic

    Udo, your pipe work is a engineering marvel.
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    Mclaren M6 tub

    Lola guys get a Lola section..... is it time for a McLaren section! Randy, pics of a McLaren tub would be great.. Andrew.
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    McLaren M20#73

    Thanks for you kind words.. your superb builds helped me take the plunge.. The exhaust finally turned up.. 2" into 4" 304 SS. Looked at 321SS but couldn't justify the cost. Andrew. Leon, have you got that bad boy fired up yet.
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    McLaren M20#73

    Had a bit of play milling up the front engine plate. There's plenty of meat left as the Oil pump, Alternator, ProCharger and routing of all the pipes has to be finalised. After that it will be milled more to lose weight. 2 x 10mm 5083 end plates where also cut and folded (heated then 20mm radius...
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    Ford vs. Ferrari--New Official Trailer

    The movie was a bit of entertainment for sure, depicting historical accuracy it was not. 1965 Leman, Miles wasn't listening on the wireless drinking bubbles with his wife, he was partnered with McLaren and lead for a short time before the trans crapped out. I may be a little one eyed here... in...