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    Gurney Eagle Valve Covers

    Gurney Eagle and Gurney Weslake covers are now back in stock. Back orders will be dispatched this week. There will be a few sets remaining so if you need a pair you will need to be quick. The next batch is due in 12 weeks time.
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    GT40 seats

    Michael Just send an email to [email protected] Thanks Andy
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    GT40 seats

    Michael We manufacture GT40 seats in a choice of Leather, leatherette or Alcantara. Unlike most seats available ours feature a suspended bottom cushion on webbing to avoid numb bum on long drives caused by seating on just a bit of foam. Eyelets are available in a choice of Chrome or Brass...
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    Engine Top Vent Panel

    Now available are new engine top vent panels as original featuring the correct number and size of louvres. Manufactured in mirror polished Aluminium and supplied complete with stainless steel fixing screws. Supplied pre drilled and trimmed to size by our CNC cutting machine. Rear body vent...
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    FS EU 17" BRM KO Wheels

    FOR SALE A set of 4 BRM GT40 replica wheels for sale. 2 X 8" X 17" front and 2 X 10" X 17" rear. Finished with satin Black spokes and polished outer rims. Off sets to suit Tornado TSC GT40. Complete with Falken Azenis tyres 235/45/17 ZR front and 265/40/17 ZR rear. Wheels are Knock on with 5...
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    Tornado Australia

    First shipment of parts leaving Tornado Sports Cars in the UK heading for Dave Stean at Tornado Australia.
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    Tornado Australia

    The Tornado Australia web site has now been uploaded. The address is Take a look!
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    John Wyre

    Stephen He was Born and raised in Kidderminster. The Lime Green GT40 ( Chassis P/1003 ex Ford France owned by Guy Ligier ) belonged to Micky Polkmell who owned the Garage. Its was for sale for ages and in the end he part exchanged it it for a motor home. Thanks Andy
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    John Wyre

    Brian OK will do Thanks Andy
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    John Wyre

    Howard OK will do when I get 5 mins Thanks Andy
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    Gear Knob

    Only a few of these now left. Thanks Andy
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    John Wyre

    Does anybody on here know where in Kidderminster John Wyre was born and raised? He was born on 11th December 1909. We have been manufacturing GT40 replicas in Kidderminster since 1989 and I never knew that Mr Wyre of JW Automotive was born here. A customer pointed this out to me the other day...
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    Glass rear screen?

    A glass MK2 rear window is not available. A wide or normal rear body section does not affect the shape of the rear window. Our glass rear window also fits a KVA. Thanks Andy
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    Tornado Australia

    We are now in the process of setting up an outlet for our cars, kits and parts in Australia. Tornado Australia will be run and operated by Dave Stean. Many of you will already know Dave from the Facebook Australian GT40 and Cobra replica pages. Dave has been building replica cars in Australia...
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    Ford GT40 MK2 model kit

    Soon to be released by Meng is a 1/12 Ford GT40 MK 2 plastic model kit. Something to do while waiting for your kit package to arrive or build a minature of your full size replica. These kits will be available direct from Tornado Sports Cars in a few weeks time. Price is expected to be approx...