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    Very impressive! I admire your skill and effort.
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    FS USA Knock Off Tool

    PM sent
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    GT40 on fire or how to prevent

    Sent you a PM BenL
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    ***SOLD Active Power Cars GT40 (Project) SOLD***

    Where is this project currently located?
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    BlackJack was the owner of ERA car #2057, however I believe that Jack passed away, (I googled what I believe to be his obituary). Possibly the unfortunate reason this car is available. - Asphalt
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    ERA GT # 2019 For Sale ***SOLD****

    Congratulations. It's a beautiful car. You're lucky to have gotten to enjoy it.
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    Some scary usefull information.

    Ebay has been flooded with fake "Brembo" labeled brake components for years. China has no conscious , nor shame.
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    ERA #2028 for sale **SOLD**

    That is great news! It's a beautiful car deserving of a good home.
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    Will Hollywood do the GT40 story right? Looking for extras for Road Atlanta filming. You can make a whopping $75 for 8 hours of standing around and looking "period" which means clean shaven, no tattoos...
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    ERA for sale

    It would appear that you got a good one! ERA makes a very special car.
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    J-10 for sale

    This car is a bargain at the estimated price. The level of care afforded this restoration could easily merit more.
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    ERA for sale

    Since Dave asked the question, I will respond. I would choose an ERA over an SPF any and every day. As a matter of fact I have been in search of a replica for quite some time and I never even considered an SPF. They are a fine product but I am fixated on the ERA.
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    CAV Wide Body No. 104 Lemans Blue **SOLD**

    Re: CAV Wide Body No. 104 Lemans Blue I agree it does look very nice. I was crestfallen to see it listed as sold on Hemming's. I'll be interested to see if it's still available.
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    CAV Wide Body No. 104 Lemans Blue **SOLD**

    Re: CAV Wide Body No. 104 Lemans Blue Hemmings listing states that the car is sold. -C