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    Junkyard electric vacuum pump for brake booster?

    Great info, everyone. Appreciate it!
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    Junkyard electric vacuum pump for brake booster?

    Thanks! That unit looks like a great option. Just running the pump on a relay activated by the brake switch, do you have a delay in brake assist? What about panic braking? Reading, looks like 1. some are running it on a pressure switch that kicks on when pressure drops below a threshold. 2...
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    Junkyard electric vacuum pump for brake booster?

    What is everyone using for a stand-alone vacuum pump for a power brake booster? Do any of the oem vehicles have a 12v vacuum pump that functions stand-alone? Or any affordable aftermarket pumps? Just a street car, not going to be tracked or driven (too) aggressively! Thanks! Dave
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    Another traction control system option

    I have not yet purchased one... Funny I was just thinking about this the past couple of days! Almost done with my Lotus turbo esprit project, then back to the GTM.
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    Jokes anyone? -

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    S2's Build Thread

    What supercharger coolant temps are you seeing? There will be expansion but are they high enough to boil the coolant? If not, should just need a header tank to hold the extra volume of expansion?
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    S2's Build Thread

    The other option for cable releases is a key lanyard, can get about any logo or have custom text. I did this instead of door handles inside my GTM.
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    S2's Build Thread

    Well executed. Aluminum dipstick handles are inexpensive and can be etched, cable easily attached, and come in all sorts of shapes/sizes.
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    Adventure RV

    How much vertical drop over 500mi? Sorry for the tangent, but I'm picturing a heavy pontoon in whitewater.
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    Mike's Build

    Looks like he's in Colorado now. Great update! Cool to see a Hemi in the SL-C!
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    Adventure RV

    Looking great! Will that space under the rear overhang be utilized? Storage?
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    LS3 mated transaxle

    Call these guys, always helpful, I have 2 different adapter setups from them.
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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    Great work. This modification is a must-do for anyone who is serious about aerodynamic and cooling efficiencies.
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    Goodwood Revival - 2021

    That's unfortunate. Did you notice the 3rd car spinning before the turn? And both involved cars sliding into the grass at the turn exit. I'm guessing someone lost some fluid onto the track...
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    Dan's Build

    All shifter cables should be adjustable, some on one end (typical OEM) ; some on both ends (typical aftermarket cable which sounds like what you have). All that is is an adjustable 'end link' on the shifter cable. My porsche cayman s cables are essentially the same, slightly different locking...