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    Trailer - Need Recommendations / Advice

    How much does it weigh? If I replace my current trailer, that's one I'd consider.
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    Access to Ford v. Ferrari movie

    Another movie is "Rush". My wife is not a car person, but she wanted to go back to see it a second time in the theaters. Later, she bought the DVD so she could watch it on her own.
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    Jokes anyone? -

    "I'm just going to nip down to the "Garden Centre". I'll be back in an hour."
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    Car & helmet, matching numbers .....

    What was he driving?
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    The link above no longer works, but I found a new site with cars, critters, and other images to color.
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    At last a car guy reviews Ford v. Ferrari, a Motor Trend editor

    I just got back from the sneak preview. It's a good movie, but it's a story about Ken Miles, not the cars (Rush was a better movie about racing). I was disappointed that UK development effort was never mentioned. We never see John Wyer or Eric Broadley (however there is a shot of a Lola...
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    Who is going to be spending October re-reading "Ford vs Ferrari"? I'm moving it to the top of the pile for reading.
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    Rare original GT40 fuel valve and lever

    Here's a picture of the switch from my car. The faceplate says "ALL OFF", "A TO C", and "A TO B".
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    Rare original GT40 fuel valve and lever

    Should the faceplate of the switch have stamped lettering for the switch settings? (that's what my car has)
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    Mid-engined ‘Vette

    To bring this back to the forum theme, would anyone consider using a Corvette engine and transaxle as a donor for a GT40 build?
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    Form an orderly queue

    Did the car sell? Unlike some of the other lots in that auction, it doesn't have a sale price.
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    Jokes anyone? -

    I don't think Dave Barry's essay about men and women has been posted before: He said, she said: A dialogue (in stereotype) by Dave Barry, slightly modified by the Car Talk guys A guy named Roger is driving his girlfriend, Gloria, home from...
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    J-10 for sale

    I wonder if everyone who might have bid on J-10 was at the RM auction where 1016 was being sold (it went for $9,795,000).
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    Here she is...

    Very pretty. If you're using Windows, there's a free program called IrfanView that will let you rotate your photos (and do other stuff). (press 'r' to rotate and then save it)
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    I knew that 1016 was part of the famous 1-2-3 win at Le Mans in 1966, but I didn't know that it has an automatic gearbox. The estimate is $9-12 million. If it exceeds $11 million, it'll beat the previous record for a GT40 (P/1074 - M.1003) in 2012, which is described at the auction record for...