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    Mufflers or Megaphones?

    If they seemed too loud for you inside your car, you can imagine what people outside were going through. Many motorcyclists like to think that “Loud pipes save lives”... When in actual fact, they’re not proven to do that at all because the LOUD is projected in the opposite direction of your...
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    Where does everyone live?

    Depends on the time of year for us.... My wife of close to 43 years and I are called “Snow Birds” but really we should be called “Sun Birds”... In the warmer months (about 5) we spend in South Eastern Minnesota in a small town called Kenyon - about an hour or so south of Minneapolis, but not...
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    And now you know why the lights went out!
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    Trailer - Need Recommendations / Advice

    I advocate tying down by either the outer extremities of the suspension or through / over the wheels... Always in neutral. Tire Bonnets are also really good to use if you have body clearance to install them.
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    Happy Birthday.

    Great news David..... We all need help from time to time and as we age we will need more. I’m happy to see some of his good friends, like you, Ian and others, are contributing your time and resources... I know I’m half the globe away - but am keeping Keith and his care-givers in my thoughts...
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    GT40 Avenger

    Or you can hone your car-building skills by completing this car as a VW powered unit. If you mind your budget closely, you may have something you can make a bit of money with. Start looking for a VW Donor...
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    Red car in Iowa

    Why Ti ?
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    Gravity Racer, take III

    Looking really good - professional quality! — Thought for your next go-round below:
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    McCopy mk 5

    Looks absolutely amazing Russell!
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    Hello, Victoria BC Canada.

    Welcome to ... Please change your Username to the name your parents gave you. Real Names are required here. Thank you!
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    GT40 linked--?

    Oh wow!!!!! That looks like it alright! And here I am with no space or money!
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    Happy Birthday.

    Thank you very much David! Get better soon Keith!
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    Happy Birthday.

    ....and from me!!!!! Happy Birthday Keith!
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    The Art of Racing In the Rain - Garth Stein

    Very good! — Hopefully he is not upset about the title of Garth Stein’s book... it really is a great read - it is also available as an audio book and is perfect for listening to while working in the shop...
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    RCR Fuel System Help

    Centroid senders can be cut.... This is the manufacturer website -