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    RCR GT40 Original Rear Brake Ducts Install...

    That’s all I have here. Will look on other computers and post if I find anything. It took a boat-load of custom bodywork to make them look right. The oil cooler ducts took a bunch of work also to get them to fit right also. Mine were made by Bill Hough. As far as I knew 10 years ago, he was...
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    RCR GT40 Original Rear Brake Ducts Install...

    I will look and see if I have more photos here on my various computers ,but this may be of some help:: Cracking and such - yes, a very tight fit. My advice is to wear heavy leather gloves and get up inside the body with...
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    Super nice 2006 CAV #106 for sale

    Nick - Do you want to update the Subject of this thread to indicate 104 rather than 106?
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    Brake Reservoir Update

    I put this aluminum reservoir in my street rod and it works really nice with no leaks. Similar ones are available from CNC and other companies. I would not recommend anything made of plastic for Brake Fluid..
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    How a Transmission Works

    Love these!!!
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    Original fuel tank rollover vent valves

    Are you planning on showing us the “right” valves?
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    some help for registration in ITALY

    Have you tried contacting Andy at Tornado?
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    Stewart Warner 240 misadventure,

    Those photos were like 3 computers ago and I am not sure if I have them anymore. Photobucket screwed up a lot of people - myself included. I could not afford the extortion they wanted to maintain the photos or let me download them.
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    Hello from Rohnert Park, California

    Welcome to Casey! Sounds like some fun projects in the works!
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    not expensive at all

    I don't know.... Generally speaking, I've always been of the mind - If it looks, walks and talks like a duck, it's probably a duck! Facebook is littered with fake ads and rip-offs. Maybe this is just another one..
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    Hi Mickey, Your best bet is to create a post in the Fueling section. I will be selling off my...

    Hi Mickey, Your best bet is to create a post in the Fueling section. I will be selling off my collection of SW pumps sometime in May when I get back have pumps and parts. Don’t have any prices in mind at this point. A few pumps seemed to work well when I tested them. None look like new however.
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    Water pump connections

    Both of the smaller ports are suction ports (coolant flows toward the water pump). One connection was for thermostat bypass and the other fir the heater core. It really doesn’t matter which port you connect the bypass or heater hoses to, but there is a recommended routing as shown in another...
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    Hi Everybody, new to the forum.

    Welcome to Ed!