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    Jokes anyone? -

    Okay - my sides hurt from laughing myself totally stupid - nearly spewing my morning coffee out the nose…. Thanks Chris!!!
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    Jokes anyone? -

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    Any issues with registration on the site?

    Send me a PM with his User ID and Email - I’ll take a look at it when I get back tonight. I may just wipe the info from our database and he can start over.
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    Jokes anyone? -

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    Projects from hell….

    While I've never personally exerienced a failure of a Fluidamper Balancer - I know of one Dyno shop that would not allow any Fluidamper equipped engines on their dyno. Evidently there had been at least two failures there. I changed out the Fluidamper for a TCI balancer on my GT40 engine when I...
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    Projects from hell….

    I can't speak to how much torque it takes to drive those accessories. If I were to "pin" the pulley to the hub, I would drill right through the serpentine grooves and have the countersunk screw below the bottom of the grooves. If you did this with maybe 6 screws, they could be much smaller...
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    Cadillac GTP Hypercar Reveal - 2023

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    Projects from hell….

    The one I was referring to was a Chevrolet recommendation …. Glad we have better alternatives nowadays…
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    Alain de Cadenet - Gone at 76

    It’s with a heavy heart we inform you that television presenter and racing driver Alain de Cadenet passed away on July 2, 2022. Alain de Cadenet‘s cause of death has not been announced at this time. What was Alain de Cadenet's Cause of Death at 76? - US day News
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    Projects from hell….

    Nah - no welding on a balancer. I have seen them drilled and pinned though. Chevrolet used to recommend it back in the 70’s in the GM Power books.. I’ll see if i can find that….
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    Projects from hell….

    Good one Rob! The problems are almost always in the last place we looked eh? :)
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    Projects from hell….

    Remember - the original one had failed also and that one came from Ford!
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    New Superformance GT40

    What a beautiful GT! Congratulations!
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    SPF extra wide body 15x13 BRM wheels

    Your location might help. In the USA, it is illegal to use tires that are not DOT or are stamped “Not for Highway Use” or words to that effect. Also - sticky race tires do pelt your nice paint job with a lot of sand and debris. One fellow I know had taken his Cobra for a nice drive with his...
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    transmission aditional support

    I think they do need extra support. Check out my build log at the link in my signature, to see what I did.