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    SLC Superlite For Sale

    Gareth, thanks for the tips to see Alan with the body fitment...
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    SLC Superlite For Sale

    Gareth, thanks for the listing and GLWS. I just got done with multiple bathrooms and it is very difficult to back-burner any home mods with the CFO breathing down your neck! Just what does it take to hang the body on a SLC? All else functional? Lights PNP, A/C up, guages, etc.? Thank you. R/Mark
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    RCR GT40 Partially Completed Kit ***SOLD***

    Dennis, Looks like the start of header work shown, any other exhaust components included? GLWS
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    Different engines

    For Neil in Tuscon, most folks don't go for a Donovan block unless they need to...given the normally excessive power of a D-block and what appears to be at least as tight an engine area as a -40, what exhaust and trans did you opt to use, please?
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    Street and Track Car? Sub $40K?

    sorry, forgot the website link: Lebanon Ford | New & Used Ford Cars
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    Street and Track Car? Sub $40K?

    Check out Lebanon Ford: $40k for the 757 hp Coyote Mustang (new!), they offer turbo upgrades for the lesser versions for the EcoBoost 4.
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    Scca pdx

    Jimmy, what was the event? Summit is a great facility.
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    "Ah, boss, we have a little issue...."

    "Sir, do you know why I pulled you over today?" (in heaviest Ahnold voice) Because you are a cop, you idiot!:stunned:
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    Tornado TSC GT40

    Andy, see the "Holloway Kit" for strengthening the UN-1 in the transaxles page?
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    WTD : GT40 side windows

    Dave, FWIW, Gt-Forte' offers side windows, though I am not able to comment on quality/fit. Mark
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    J. Salmon RCR-40 Build

    Dr. John, Thanks for the note. It must be a function of how low the car is that the bars would be superfluous. Have you had the 40 on the track to assess the resultant roll in a more-than-street-pace? I've watched some of your track driving and can only guess that having driven real race...
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    GT40 Scratch Build For Sale **SOLD**

    Re: GT40 Scratch Build For Sale Kalun, Thanks for the info on the sway bars. Great documentation, reads like a textbook. Again, because I didn't see it, nor was any mention made of air conditioning. Perhaps not much of a concern near Seattle, eh? Regards, Mark
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    J. Salmon RCR-40 Build

    J., Great read of the build thread. Did you ever fit a rear sway bar, and if so, where? Mark
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    RCR40 0046 for sale *SOLD*

    Re: RCR40 0046 for sale J., All good, nice to get the complete set of anything. What was the rationale for the Kinsler FI, given the LS7 usually comes with adequate(for you?) FI from the General? Thanks, great build site. Mark
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    RCR40 0046 for sale *SOLD*

    Re: RCR40 0046 for sale J., Great looking car. I have heard about the size of the Ricardo unit being an issue, but all seems OK in the pics...any difficulty fitting that box? Regards, Mark