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    Bill D's Back Surgery - Update!

    David It was a microdiscectomy. I'm pain free for the first time in 7 months. The soreness at the incision site gets better each day. Today was the first day I didn't have to take pain meds. My movements are still slow and guarded to prevent tearing the stitches or the muscles that were were...
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    RCR70 at Knott's Saturday

    There was a very cool RCR70 at Knott's saturday. The owner was most gracious and had a funny accent like Fran :) The car was painted dark blue and orange. Many, many people thought it was an original with the plain aluminum chassis and spartan interior. A lot of people looked at the car. I...
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    917 K Gulf Design

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    Door panels

    How hard do you think it would be to make some nice leather covered door panels? Nothing wild. Just some nice padding and gathered pockets. Thanks Bill D
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    Rob's RCR40 Build

    Terrific! Looks just like an original! Coud you also show a side view picture of the seats? I need to see how much lean back you have. I think I have my seats mounted too far back. My head hits the top and I'm only 5'10" Thanks Bill
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    Happy Birthday Bill

    Don't worry guys, Diane is driving!
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    Happy Birthday Bill

    Thanks Tom! It's been a great birthday so far. My son made me waffles for breakfast and my wife is taking me out to dinner. Wish we could take the GT but it's down for a minor repair.
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    SLC 001 Build

    Need a picture from the rear so we can see the wide ass tires
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    Free advice befor buying an MDA

    So has MDA officially ceased?
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    "original" GT40 wheels

    Weren't original wheels 6-pin?
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    $288k ???

    More than I can afford
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    Not until Sunday

    Not until Sunday
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    RCR #010 Build Progress

    Randy They need to be tuned. A friend is going to tune them once he gets a free day
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    Oil Filter Leak

    Great timing! I have the same setup and the same leak. Thanks for the tip.